LABSCO SD2 (Software Delivering Superior Diagnostics

LABSCO SD2 — Powered by Data InnovationsTM — combined with LABSCO's best-in-class diagnostic technologies, enables laboratories to automate the most costly segments of results production. Our lab-focused experts help laboratories use technology to analyze, standardize and simplify their processes.

Autoverification, sample management, connectivity, LIS migration — and many more common optimization techniques have never been easier in allowing labs to manage workflow. LABSCO SD2 gives laboratories real time actionable metrics that can be used not only to continuously improve processes but also to help transition to value-based care by reducing costs, increasing capacity and improving quality.

With LABSCO industry experts and Data Innovations’ software you can achieve unparalleled operational excellence.

Autoverification - LABSCO has developed the SMART TESTS SM autoverification design process to help laboratories easily implement and validate autoverification. Confidently achieve >90% autoverification in all areas of the lab improving your efficiency, capacity and quality of results.

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Connectivity - Quickly and easily connect all your instruments in your laboratory network (independent of vendor or location) to your LIS, LIS TEST, EMRs, Reference Laboratories, QC packages, CAP™ and many more with ONE industry-leading, robust solution.

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Laboratory Intelligence - Monitor and continuously improve your laboratory with customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
dashboards giving you real-time information on operational efficiencies throughout your network.

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Department Specific Work Cells - Build and implement customizable department-specific informatics including: review screens, work lists, critical lists, images, color coding, diff pads and more, to better manage quality and operations.

Integrated QC - Collect and evaluate your QC real time, incorporate QC rules into your autoverification algorithms and automatically upload peer group data for evaluation.

LIS Migration / LIS Backup Capability - Migrate to a new LIS using existing infrastructure by testing, validating and going live
seamlessly in parallel. SD2 also acts as a backup solution in the event of network connectivity issues or LIS downtime.

Maintenance Management - Effectively maintain your laboratory equipment by utilizing technology to provide instructional guidance, maintain accurate and consolidated logs and monitor your maintenance processes.

Moving Averages - Monitor production real-time using state-of-the-art moving average algorithms with fully customizable exclusion rules.

Specimen Archiving - Utilize technology in accurately archiving and recalling samples to increase efficiencies and eliminate lost specimens.

Help - LABSCO has partnered with Data Innovations and has acquired industry leading talent to provide the best tools and blueprints for clinical laboratory workflow optimization available in the market. Using a LEAN / Six Sigma approach and incorporating industry leading methodologies, LABSCO helps implement your laboratory needs today and continuous improvement for the future.

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