Thank you for your interest in We have provided several tutorial videos to help you navigate If you need further assistance, reach out to LABSCO customer service with the contact menu option in the top right.

1a. How to Clear Browser Cache (watch/try before reporting web issues)
1.  Overview of
2.  How To Register
3.  How to Search for Items
4.  How to Search by Category or Brand
5.  Item Icon Guide (Click for guide)
6.  Discontinued Items Guide
7.  Add, Remove and Manage Saved Shopping Lists
8.  Import Saved Shopping Lists
9.  Quick Order Pad Guide
10. How to Checkout and Process an Order
11. How To Locate and Use Tracking Numbers
12. Sales Usage and Reporting Guide
13. Drag and Drop feature to sort Saved Shopping Lists

To watch videos in full screen, start the video and look for the full screen icon  in the bottom right corner of the video player. To exit out of full screen, press Esc on your keyboard or click the Full screen icon again.

Videos can be viewed in HD (720p) by clicking the gear icon  and selecting 720p.