McKesson Order Guide / Item Xref

To help you prepare for the upcoming integration with McKesson on April 3rd, we have created the following order guide with items you have purchased within the last 12 months.

THE MCKESSON ITEM EQUIVALENTS SHOULD NOT BE USED/ORDERED UNTIL APRIL 3RD! Continue placing your orders on until then, with the LABSCO item numbers you are accustomed to using.

On April 3rd, a new banner on will guide you through creating a SupplyManager ID and password to begin your ordering experience at McKesson.

Understanding The Unit Of Measure Columns:

McK Sell UOM - the smallest McKesson unit of measure

McK Buy UOM - the largest McKesson unit of measure

Eaches in McK Sell UOM - how many individual items are included in the smallest unit of measure. Example: There are 500 individual transfer pipettes in 1 BX of 541953 (PIPETTE, TRANSFER 7ML GRAD 3ML(500/BX 10BX/CS)).

Sell Units In Buy UOM - how many of the smallest unit of measure are included in the largest unit of measure. Example: Using the transfer pipette item above, the BX is the smallest unit of measure. There are 10 BX in a CS (case), the largest unit.

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LABSCO Item NumberMcK Item NumberMcK Item DescriptionMfg NameMfg Item NumberEaches in McK Sell UOMMcK Sell UOMMck Buy UOMSell Units In Buy UOM