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Products & Services

Products & Services


LABSCO is all about Delivering Superior Diagnostics to provide better outcomes for you and your patients. 
We specialize in helping our customers improve outcomes with solutions that enhance clinical utility, operational efficiency and financial performance.

LABSCO is unique in that we serve as:
   -  An Exclusive Sales Agent with best-in-class diagnostic technologies
   -  A Specialty Distributor for market-leading brands of ancillary capital equipment
   -  A General Distributor of private label and key brand partner supplies

We are the market leader representing innovative diagnostic technologies and products for our partners and customers across the United States.

What markets do we serve?

Physician Offices
Reference Laboratories
Research Labs
Other Alternate Sites 


Creating Greater Value for our Customers

Acute Care

    •   Numerous Capital Equipment Acquisition Options
    •   Emerging Technologies and Novel Biomarkers
    •   Access to Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) Contracts
    •   Lean Inventory Management
    •   Full Line Medical Distributor

Non-Acute Care

    •   Turn-key Laboratory Solutions
    •   Fully customized recommendations for immediate and foreseeable needs
    •   Guide Transition from CLIA Waived to Non-Waived
    •   Comprehensive lab analysis
    •   Retain More Revenue